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Living space: approx. 23 m² + 12 m² loft


Living room: Spacious with room for socializing, site-built sofa / storage with plenty of space under the lid.


Bathroom: Shower cabinet with walls in rust-look, Separett toilet, Moroccan painted sink in place built in oak cabinets and oak wall shelves.


Kitchen: Gas stove with oven and four burners. Fridge and freezer, large sink in porcelain, plenty of bench surfaces and plenty of storage in cabinets and drawers.


Exterior: Standing, untreated panel. Mono-pitched roof with roofing felt. The customer has chosen to paint the house himself after delivery.

Heating: Electrical elements. Possibility to install stove.

Other: Extra large loft with site-built storage. A smaller loft above the sofa offers the possibility of more storage.


Price: about 850 000 SEK


Trailer: TF-100 (12 tons)

External dimensions (LxWxH): 10m x 3m x 4m

Internal dimensions (LxWxH): 2.3m x 9.8m x 3.05m

Living space:: 23m2 + 12m2 loft


Minihus planlösning Thea plan 1
Minihus planlösning Thea plan 2

" Swedish service and German precision! The combination and craftsmanship Treesign delivers are of the highest quality.
We have had several carpenters visit our mini-house and everyone agrees - Treesign and  Fabian is completely raw.
If you are going to buy a mini-house, Treesign is really something to recommend. Couldn't be more proud of our house

Thanks for all the hours of all the energy to get the best house we could ever imagine Treesign! We salute you "


- David & Thea

Vackert hus på hjul med stående panel
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