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Tiny house in forest aerial view

In 2019, Treesign was commissioned to build three unique houses for Jesper and Petra, the founders of INFOREST. They wanted to create unique accommodation for rent in beautiful surroundings and turned to us.

The idea that has now become INFOREST has been in our minds for many years. We wanted to create unique off-grid accommodations in the forest. We believe in sustainable tourism and ecotourism, so we are proud to offer handmade, environmentally friendly and fully self-sufficient tiny houses in the beautiful forest outside the idyllic Hjo.


Simply glamping our way



In the spring of 2020, we completed the first house EBBE which shortly thereafter found itself in the forest, ready to receive visitors.

Only 5 km away, lies Hjo. Here you will find shops, restaurants, ice cream and a fantastic harbor.

Near the house are Västra Vätterleden and the Pilgrim Trail Hjo - Kungslena.

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