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Living space: 18 m² + 6 m² loft


Living room: Light and airy with a lot of light from large windows. Decorated here with space-saving folding tables with space for one to six people. Small loft for storage.


Bathroom: Custom-made shower enclosure with galvanized sheet metal walls. Built-in separate toilet.

Kitchen: Spacious kitchen sink in stainless steel. Built-in inheritance and secondhand finds as kitchen decor.


Loft: Room for single or double bed. Location-built storage; cabinets and shelves.


Heating: Wood-burning stove with built-in hot water heater in the chimney.


Exterior: Lining and wind plates treated with rosegood mahogany. Mono-pitched roof with roofing-felt.


Miscellaneous: The stairs are custom built according to the dimensions of the wooden drawers and also contain a wardrobe. A simple and easy-care house for a simple life.


Price: about SEK 640,000


Trailer: TF-80 (9 tons)         

Exterior dimensions (LxWxH): 8.6m x 3.1m x 4.2m

Interior Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.8m x 2.4m x 3.17m

Living space: 18m2 + 6m2 loft

Tiny Home planlösning Cecilia plan 1
Tiny Home planlösning Cecilia plan 2

"Fine craftmanship and a whole hearted dedication to organic tiny houses - I am so happy with my house and with all the knowledge I've gained in the building process. Thank you Fabian and family for taking me on, I'm forever grateful."


                                                                        - Cecilia

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