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If you are buying a mini-house, Treesign is really something to recommend. Couldn't be more proud of our house "

-David (Tiny House owner)


På Treesign bygger vi vackra minihus för nordiskt klimat

When you buy a house from us at Treesign you can rest assured that you are getting an environmentally friendly and well-built Tiny House to age with. We create a house based on your wishes and customize the layout, decor and style to suit your lifestyle and your needs.

The houses are built with the utmost care by talented craftsmen (read more about us here) , and electrical and plumbing work is performed by competent contractors.

The first step to your own house on wheels from Treesign is to specify what you want. At the bottom of the page you'll find a list of questions that can help you clarify your expectations and sort out what you want - and what you don't want. You do not have to have all the answers ready to book a house. Contact us and we straighten out the last question together!

I ett Tiny House finns det gott om plats för lugn och ro




Since all our houses are custom built and adapted to each individual customer, we do not work with any catalog or fixed price list. Prices vary from house to house, but below we provide price examples of our most common sizes.








The prices refer to a well-built turnkey Tiny House in durable materials of good quality. Turnkey means a move-in ready house with bathroom, kitchen and sleeping loft / room. Depending on your budget there is a plethora of possible options; oak parquet, bathtub, underfloor heating, large glass sections, roof terrace, wine cooler, special lighting, shou sugi ban etc.


You decide what your house can cost!




6,6 m / ca 15 m2 + loft

 8 m / ca 20 m2 + loft

10 m / ca 25 m2 + loft

from about SEK 600,000

from about SEK 720,000

from about SEK 850,000


With smart

solutions and

thoughtful design

the space is utilized


Smart soffbord med dold förvaring och höjbar bordsyta



Booking a construction period with us costs SEK 25,000. When we have received the booking fee you are guaranteed your place in the queue and the price includes consultation, planning, sketches, design drawings and other administration.


Together with the invoice for the booking fee we send an order confirmation including, among other things,  house size, agreed maximum price, planned construction start / completion and a brief description of what we have agreed on.

About 6-8 weeks before the start of construction we start planning seriously, but before that we are available to review thoughts, questions and ideas via telephone, e-mail, Skype, Messenger etc.


The construction time is estimated to be about 6 - 8 weeks. In the meantime, we keep in touch with you and you are of course welcome to visit the workshop and see how the work progresses!

Want to secure your construction period or know more?

You will find our contact details here.


Maybe you know exactly how you want your house to look. Maybe you have no idea.

No matter what, you are welcome to join us!

Förslag på planlösning för Tiny House 3,5 ton

We listen to what you have for your thoughts, needs and wishes. Based on that, we then create proposals for different floor plans, twist and turn and change until it feels right for you.

Tiny House med altan och spånfasad
Tiny House specialbyggd säng med draperi och förvaring
Interiör från Tiny House med specialtillverkad trappa

When we do the first sketches, we use an easy-to-use free program where

anyone can test their ideas.

Förslag på köksinteriör i Tiny House
Exempelbild av sovplats på loftet i ett Tiny House
Exempelbild av soffa myshörna läshörna i ett Tiny House

It's fun to create Tiny Homes!


Checklist for Tiny House


How will the house be used? Will it mainly function as a permanent residence? Student housing? Holiday home, hunting lodge, office, guesthouse, airbnb? Workshop, studio, print shop or anywhere where you can play data undisturbed? With a Tiny House, the possibilities are endless! By first deciding what to have the house for you will simplify the rest of the planning, when it is time to move on and decide more thoroughly about the design and equipment.


What budget do you have? On the one hand, you need to know how much your house will cost to buy, but it is also a good idea to consider the ongoing expenses. Various solutions for heating, for example, can differ greatly when it comes to operating costs, and equipment that is more expensive when purchasing can often be cheaper in the long run or vice versa.


How big should the house be and how often should it be moved? It decides, among other things, what type of frame the house should be built on; heavyweight or lightweight undercarriage.

More information about the benefits of the various chassis can be found on our FAQ page and the "Trailers and consultation" page.


How many sleeping places do you want - if you want some at all? A sleeping loft frees up space, but you might want to have a bed or a separate downstairs bedroom and not have to climb stairs or climb a ladder?


What is important for you to bring in the house? Large kitchen? Many windows? Climbing furniture for the cat? Playroom for the kids? Hammock? A plentiful dining area? Bath? Maybe you want grandma's old display cabinet to be built in? Make two lists; one with what you "must" include, and a list of what would be a bonus to include if it fits into your budget, is possible space wise etc.


Should houses and furnishings go in any particular style or convey a certain feeling? Manor, castle, hut, cottage, barn, modern? Are there any colors you would like to get more or that should definitely be avoided? Maybe the house should resemble one of our previous buildings?


What comfort do you want if the house is to be used as a dwelling? Full luxury and highest comfort or do you enjoy a simpler standard? Most things are possible to build into a Tiny House, it is basically only your budget that sets the limits.

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