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Living space: about 25 m² + 2 lofts, 14 m² total


Living room: Large room with room for sofa, storage and dining area.


Bathroom: Shower cubicle, separate toilet and washbasin in place-built oak furniture. Hot water from a space-saving flow-through boiler.


Kitchen: Oven with steam function, fridge and freezer, large sink and plenty of storage.


Office: Spacious room with large window area and private entrance at one end of the house. Furnished here as an office, but can also be used as a bedroom, treatment room, studio or other.


Corridor: Here there is plenty of storage as well as a combined washing and drying machine for a complete, compact washing solution.

Loft: Extra large loft that holds two bedrooms.


Exterior: Landscape panel painted with genuine Falu rödfärg. Wind boards, knot boards and lining white painted with n paint based on linseed oil.


Heating: Underfloor heating.


Other: Ecological click floor in oak imitation. Comfortable entrance to the bedrooms thanks to the attic. Staircase in solid, oiled oak. LED lighting along the eaves and recessed ceilings.

Price: about SEK 950,000


Trailer: TF-100 (12 tons)

External dimensions (LxWxH): 10m x 3,1m x 4,2m

Internal dimensions (LxWxH): 9.8mx 2.5 x 3.2m

Living space: 25m2 + 14m2 loft


Planlösning Tiny Giant Rika plan 1
Planlösning Tiny Giant Rika plan 2

"Fabian and his team have helped us design an awesome house and built it to perfection. We can't recommend them highly enough! Treesign is a business with passion and eye for detail. We are very happy with all stages of the work, from our first conversation to the day of the delivery. It was easy, fun, engaging, and exactly what we needed to make our dream of tiny living come true. THANK YOU!!!"

                                                                                              - Rika & Aaron

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