Living space: about 15 m² + 6 m² loft

Living room: Custom built sofa bed with hidden storage and sleeping space for two. Coffee table with folding table tops. Comfortable light from hidden LED lighting behind the roof rails.


Bathroom: Glass shower cubicle, washbasin and flushing toilet with built-in grinder and pump. Delicious Flexiteek floor.


Kitchen: Refrigerator (gas / electric) with freezer compartment and gas stove. Plenty of room for storage. Bar section with space for two sitting.


Loft: Room for 160 cm bed. Site-built storage on both sides of the bed.


Exterior: Landscape wall panel treated with shou sugi ban, galvanized sheet metal ceiling.


Heating: Stepless, diesel-powered 6kW air heater with a built-in 11-liter hot water heater, supplemented with 230 V electric heater with 2 kW power.


Other: Vaulted ceiling creates space. Solar cells, lithium batteries and a smart inverter make the house independent of the grid much of the year. Can be supplemented with power plants that start when the sun is gone and the batteries are low.


Price: about SEK 690,000


Trailer: lightweight trailer 6.6m (3.5 tons)     

Exterior dimensions (LxWxH): 6.7m x 3.1m x 4.2m

Interior dimensions (LxWxH): 6.5m x 2.3m x 3.17m

Living space: 15m2 + 6m2 loft


"A little over a month ago, a full-fledged, slightly modified version of" Lilja "rolled out of treesign's lands, ready for housing.

Fabian and the others at tree design have been experienced as very genuine and accommodating throughout the process, from beginning to end. Fabian has been easy to communicate with, shown great willingness to accommodate the modifications / additions that have been proposed and ensured that everything has been done in a professional manner.

The result is a really solid craft, without any compromises for aesthetics, quality or functionality.

Can do nothing but recommend. "


- Andreas

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